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It was at this time there are the first health problems: not so easy one hundred meters, increased waist and wrinkles appear. .

Mix 50 ml of beetroot juice (after squeezing let stand four hours), 2 tbsp of Cahors, 0, 5 tbsp.

2. more info at Stonecrop restore potency Stonecrop purple useful for people who have suffered serious illness, as it has a tonic effect.

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Eat this jam, and the usual - tea with a bit of sugar. Potency — the ability of men to perform sexual intercourse. Medical history includes information about: harmful habits (Smoking, alcohol, drugs), the presence of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, kidney disease and liver, neurological and endocrine diseases), permanent employment drug/narcotic drugs mental illness, the presence of injuries of the pelvis, perineum genitals, surgical procedures on the pelvis or genitals, radiation therapy pelvic. Men with heart diseases should not zloupotrebiti drug. Side effects can be nausea, vomiting, blood flow in the area of the brain, and dizziness.

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And it is important that correcting one system of the body, you do not hurt another. Erectile dysfunction is defined as inability of a man to have intercourse in full. Here are some of them: The first exercise Sitting on the floor or a stool, simultaneously with the grasping motions with his hands and with a loud breath through the nose, sharply squeezing the buttocks and anus muscle. Insist to cool, strain. Carrots generally has a great impact on male potency.

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Cialis (tadalafil): has the same effect as viagra, but the effect lasts for 24 hours. To do this, take 2 tbsp of rhizome ordinary, 2 tbsp herb Potentilla anserina, 1 tbsp marigold flowers, 1H.l.of nettle leaves and 1 tsp of the herb common Rue.
Korean ginseng - improves the function of sexual glands in men and women, used for impotence. Patients lost libido, agitation, disturbed erection and ejaculation (ejaculation).